Feed My Sheep Ministries

FEED MY SHEEP Ministries



Free Dinner

Our program provides nutritious meals, groceries, and snacks to those in need. Join us each week for a warm dinner, essential groceries, and delicious snacks. We are committed to supporting our community by ensuring everyone has access to healthy and fulfilling meals.


We are dedicated to helping our community by providing access to essential clothing items for those in need. Whether you’re looking for everyday wear, seasonal clothing, or professional attire, we have a variety of options available. Come by and find what you need to stay comfortable and confident.


Our program aims to support the community by providing essential hygiene products and services, ensuring everyone has access to the resources they need for a healthy and dignified life. Join us each week to receive free toiletries, personal care items, and more.


We invite you to join us every Tuesday for our worship service. Come and experience a time of spiritual growth, uplifting music, and community fellowship. Our weekly service provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for all, offering a chance to connect, reflect, and find inspiration in Jesus. 


Free Breakfast

Start your weekend right with a free breakfast every Saturday! We are excited to offer a nutritious and delicious breakfast to everyone in the community. Join us each week for a warm meal, great company, and a positive start to your day. All are welcome!


Help for women and children

The Covering isn’t here only to serve those who come from addiction. If you’ve been in and out of jail, if you struggle with rebellion, loneliness, fear, hopelessness, or any other life-controlling issue – we get it. And we want to help see you come through to freedom.