Feed My Sheep Ministries

FEED MY SHEEP Ministries


The testimony of director: John Mowry

Growing up, my father was an alcoholic. In 1974, he quit drinking, became an AA counselor, and opened a halfway house for men in the late seventies. After battling cancer, he passed away in 1983. As a teenager, I observed many addicts relapsing repeatedly. I helped set up the donuts for the AA meetings and even baked cakes for the men at the halfway house. Witnessing the devastating effects of alcohol on my family and others in the program, I vowed never to drink. However, the pull of worldly influences led me to start drinking at age 18, causing my life to spiral downward for many years.

At age 27, I gave my heart to God, and He set me free from alcohol. Reflecting on my father’s program, I realized that the only clients who experienced positive recovery were those who had found Christ. Through my deliverance, I knew that God could set lives free. Shortly after, I felt the call of the Lord to reach out to those addicted and without hope. In January 1994, at the age of 32, I began reaching out on the streets of Columbus, and Feed My Sheep Ministries was born.

I started volunteering with Taking It to the Streets Ministry and then began feeding at the open shelter, preparing food in a mobile home and taking it to the streets and shelters. Later, our home church, The Potter’s House Church of God, became a supporter and put us under their umbrella. We also started serving at the YMCA men’s shelter and the Friends of the Homeless shelter.

Soon, more churches came on board with volunteers and donations. In March 2010, we had the opportunity to broaden our reach to include families and children along with the homeless in the Franklinton Area at the Jericho’s Light Club outreach facility. Then, in June 2011, we established our own 501(c)(3) status as a public charity and were offered a rent-free facility in the low-income area of the Hilltop.

As we grew and faced zoning issues, we moved to a temporary site at Highland Elementary School in September 2012. In April 2013, we stepped out in faith to lease a 4000-square-foot building at 2364 W Broad Street, now known as the Feed My Sheep Ministries Outreach Center. We currently operate at the Hilltop outreach center and at Jericho’s Light Club in Franklinton every Tuesday evening.

In October 2013, after 19 years, we had to cease operations at the Friends of the Homeless shelter to focus on the needs of the Hilltop and Franklinton locations and to be more effective in our ministry, fulfilling the vision God gave me.